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All-Inclusive Publishing

An all-inclusive service offering editing/proofreading, formatting and typesetting, basic book cover design, ISBN, publishing, marketing and distribution. Author earns 10% of the RRP

Our all-inclusive publishing service is offered to those authors who wish to make a career out of writing. 

Each month we will offer this service to a maximum of 8 books, and criteria will depend on:

  • Quality of content – is it profitable? Is it completed? (If not, the book must be re-submitted once completed. If help is needed to complete you may need to pay for additional services such as coaching, bootcamp or illustrations).

  •  Priority of submission, ‘first come, first served’.

Service will include:

  • Editor services (copyediting and proofreading) up to 50,000 words***

  • Formatting and Publishing

  •  ISBN 

  • Legal copies to UK Libraries

  • Published in paperback format

  • Basic** book cover design

  • Proof copy to approve (paperback)

  • eBook* published on Kindle, Google Play Books & Kobo

  • 10% of all books that we sell, discount of up to 30% of all books purchased via us as wholesale on a 'print on demand' service

  •  Digital marketing on all major social media outlets for 6 weeks****

  • Author page on

  •  Book listed on Amazon internationally, and

not suitable for books that have been previously published

£250 per manuscript/book

Approved authors will earn 10% royalties of all sales (assessed quarterly and payable once royalties exceed £100) generated by Green Cat Books and their distribution channels, and copies of the book can be ordered by authors at wholesale prices (approximately 30% discount of the RRP) on a 'print on demand' basis. Books may only be purchased via Green Cat Books or one of the approved distribution channels.


Approved authors are expected to aim for a minimum of 250 sales


Full T&Cs will be given before work commences.







*Most fully illustrated books cannot be listed as an eBook

**If  the cover requires more than a basic creation, there will be an additional charge.

*** For books exceeding 50,000 you will be required to pay the excess, at £40 per 5,000 words

**** For further marketing after the 6 weeks, please see our Pick n Mix options

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As a writer, there's nothing quite as satisfying as opening up a brand new notebook, ready to start your next masterpiece.....