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A Young Woman Writing


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Want to access news without scrolling through old email? 

Then this is the place to be!

We are currently working on projects regarding videos and audios of you reading poems/stories and chapters of your books. If you are interested in working with us (no cost) then please get in touch.

Don't forget...
If your submissions are over 50,000 words, an additional fee of £10 per 1,000 is payable.
The extra time it takes for the larger manuscripts causes us to be unable to work on someone else's work.

Book Festivals

Cuckfield Book Fest

6th - 9th Oct

Details to be confirmed


13th - 29th August



Edinburgh International Book-Festival

Remember, we are just passing on information, not promoting them. It is up to yourselves to research and decide if it is for you.

Ways to increase sales

What is your budget?

£0? - There's plenty of great ways to promote your book - with no cost to yourself.

Social media > the best platforms are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but if you are really savvy, there's Snapchat, WhatsApp, TikTok, LinkedIn... and probably more sprouting wings right now - keep your ear close to the ground.

Maybe you could have a Facebook or Zoom 'party'?  

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