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We are currently working on projects regarding videos and audios of you reading poems/stories and chapters of your books. If you are interested in working with us (no cost) then please get in touch.

Don't forget...
If your submissions are over 50,000 words, an additional fee of £1 per 1,000 is payable.
The extra time it takes for the larger manuscripts causes us to be unable to work on someone else's work.

Book Festivals

Although not traditional book festivals, there are a couple of market stall events that are taking place within the midlands, which are considered more up-market (excuse the pun) than a traditional market.

Sneinton Market (Nottingham) has been running for a few years now and it runs once a month until September. 

Burton-On-Trent have released info about their markets too. I've never been to one, but believe it is quite good. 

Bakewell market runs every weekend, as well as special holidays (Bank hols etc). They charge a daily rate of around £16, which is payable on the day. They do have limited parking, which can be a difficult, but is worth a look if you are interested.


Newark Festival (Notts/Lincs)- We have sourced further info and have been told that application forms will be available in the next week or so.  Stalls usually cost around £20, sometimes authors are willing to share stalls (they are fairly big!). We have been told that it may be possible to have a 'Green Cat Quarter' and we can all be located together! Please contact us at marketing@green-cat.co if you are interested, then we can promote on social media and the website.

*** Saturday stalls are already fully booked at Newark!***

We have managed to source some book festivals around the UK, which have been listed below. 

If you could let us know of any others that you know of, that would be great!

Obviously, these are subject to Covid guidelines, as always nowadays.

Cuckfield Book Fest

6th - 9th Oct

Details to be confirmed


13th - 29th August



Edinburgh International Book-Festival

Newark Book Festival

7th - 10th July

An annual event that some of our authors attend.

Penzance LitFest

6th - 9th July



Please check website

Hay Festival - Wales

26th May- 5th June 

More details available Spring 2022

Derby Book Fair

20th - 28th May


Please check website for full details

Chalfont St Giles Literary Festival

10th - 22nd May 


They are still sorting out schedule, please click link for more info.

Stratford Literary Festival

3rd - 8th May

Only offering book readings as of now. Needs to get their schedule sorted still.

Remember, we are just passing on information, not promoting them. It is up to yourselves to research and decide if it is for you.

Ways to increase sales

What is your budget?

£0? - There's plenty of great ways to promote your book - with no cost to yourself.

Social media > the best platforms are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but if you are really savvy, there's Snapchat, WhatsApp, TikTok, LinkedIn... and probably more sprouting wings right now - keep your ear close to the ground.

Maybe you could have a Facebook or Zoom 'party'?  

Brand-new retailer.

We have been working closely with Book Owl for several months now, and are excited to confirm that they will be selling lots of our books. In the near future they will also be offering a rental service and streaming.



We have just started listing some ebooks as PDFs. These are targeted at those who don't have a Kindle as they can be viewed on lots of devices. They are also slightly cheaper than anywhere else - don't worry, you will still get the same royalties!

If you don't see your book listed on the eBook page,this could be for 2 reasons: we either haven't finished uploading it yet, or that you haven't chosen to have your eBook listed anywhere other than Amazon.

If it is the latter (this is mainly our earlier books - pre 2019), this can be changed.


Click here to list your book with multiple retailers. 

Cat and Working

Book Review Blogs

We have started to collaborate with book reviewers and these can be found here

If you, or someone you know is interested in reviewing our books, we offer free books in return for completed articles.