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A Young Woman Writing


Want to know info asap, rather than waiting for our emails?

Want to access news without scrolling through old emails? 

Then this is the place to be!

From July 2023, we will only be sending out royalty reports for books that have new sales. Please continue to check this page regularly for updates.

Extended 'Plus' Distribution


We now have the opportunity to list our books at more digital storefronts, including Barnes & Noble and Apple Books!

The process to achieve this does take a little time, so there will be a small cost of £25 per book to upload your book to all of these online retailers.


Right now this is not available for illustrated books.


Amazon Print Prices

Amazon have raised their print prices, as of 20th June 2023, forcing publishers to raise the price of their books on their marketplace, to avoid reducing the royalties that authors receive.

Not all of our books have been affected, but we are going through each listing individually to check and adjust accordingly.  This price increase will ONLY be with Amazon, and all other retailers will continue at the original RRP. Keep an eye out on Amazon if you want to check for a price increase.

As we use Amazon to fulfil our 'Print on Demand' order, a small quantity of our books will now incur higher prices too. If your book has been affected by this, you will receive an updated order form along with the royalties due at the beginning of July.


Teen Tomes

Back in April 2023 we created our first ever online magazine for young adults.  It includes some snippets/chapters of relevant books within their age range, which potentially boosts the readership. We also have an 'ask the author' section, along with mindful colouring and brain teasers.  


We are currently working on the summer edition, but you can view spring's by clicking the image above.

Summer's magazine has a travel theme, so we are including books that have travel themes. 



Autumn's magazine (Oct-Dec) will focus on Christmas. As we only have four Christmas-themed books, it could be rather difficult to have snippets, especially as they are all childrens' books. We ask the readers to send in their short stories, poetry and artwork for a chance to be featured in this magazine, and I am asking for you to do the same. 

If you have a story/poem/artwork with a Christmas theme, suitable for 13-19 year olds, or have ideas to write, please feel free to send to us to be featured. If we have enough submissions, we will consider creating one or more books (short stories/poetry) to include as many as possible. These will be available to purchase, at a discounted rate, in time to give as gifts for family and friends.

We now have a shop on NuMonday (see link below) and are adding all of our books there as we 'speak'. Each book link will be added to the relevant author's page. It may take us up to the end of the week (w/c 3rd Apr) to add them, so bear with us. Once they are all added we will promote on social media.

Many of the ebooks are also featured on there too. For authors that joined us before 2019, the formatting of ebooks was different, to allow them to be uploaded to Kindle, so we would have to work from scratch foryour ebooks,  there will be a small cost to upload on NuMonday (but they can be uploaded onto GooglePlay and Kobo too with your permission - check with Lisa for this).


Don't forget...
If your submissions are over 50,000 words, an additional fee of £10 per 1,000 is payable.
The extra time it takes for the larger manuscripts causes us to be unable to work on someone else's work.

Ways to increase sales

What is your budget?

£0? - There's plenty of great ways to promote your book - with no cost to yourself.

Social media > the best platforms are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but if you are really savvy, there's Snapchat, WhatsApp, TikTok, LinkedIn... and probably more sprouting wings right now - keep your ear close to the ground.

Maybe you could have a Facebook or Zoom 'party'?  

All of our books are printed by Amazon. We have tried other printers in the past but they have all been either too expensive or of inferior quality.


We have three brand new catalogues for our customers to browse. Our distributors can download and print, to pass on to interested parties

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