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Book Production

Let's Do This!

Prices from just £299


Confident that your work has correct grammar and punctuation, but would still like us to give it the 'once-over'? Add on our proofreading service for complete peace of mind, for just £4 per 1,000 words.


Prefer to let us take the reins? Check out our packages.

We can transform your manuscript into the beautiful book that you dream of by:

*Editing and proofreading the text within the manuscript;

* formatting and typesetting the document, to ensure that it is the correct size and all pages, chapters and paragraphs are in the correct places and read well; 

*constructing a cover that will look beautifully vibrant and attractive to customers; 

*providing an ISBN, a legal requirement for all books;

*publishing the finished product and listing it on Amazon worldwide


Publishing Packages

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