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Collaborative Publishing

Collaborative Publishing is new to Green Cat Books for 2021. We felt that there needed to be a way for new authors to earn more royalties, without the pressure of committing to sell a high level of books. 

With this publishing option, we collaborate with the author on a 50/50 basis; each party pays 50% of the cost of the publishing process (copyediting, proofreading, cover design, formatting (for paperback AND eBooks), publishing, marketing etc.) and in return, receives 50% of the profits. 

Unlike our All-Inclusive service, we are happy to receive manuscripts from previously published books, but do require the author to actively promote their book (published by us), removing previous editions from other retail establishments. All sales MUST be from Green Cat Books edition ONLY, for both eBook and paperbacks. We will carry out a full copyedit and proofread, as we would with any manuscript that we agree to work on. 

On average, it costs £1250 to publish a book (up to 50,000 words), a breakdown of which can be found on our PAYG Pick 'n' Mix page, and therefore the price for this service is £625.

In the first instance, we ask that you contact us via email. We are happy to accept manuscripts upon initial contact, consisting of a small section (a chapter or two, for example) along with a synopsis.

Our Collaborative Publishing service is offered to those authors who wish to make a career out of writing. We expect authors to contribute to the marketing and selling of their book, in addition to our marketing and distribution services. Royalties cannot be earned if books are not sold, and books cannot be sold unless readers know they are available.

Each month we will offer this service to a maximum of 8 books, and criteria will depend on:

  • Quality of content – is it profitable? Is it completed? (If not, the book must be re-submitted once completed. If help is needed to complete you may need to pay for additional services such as coaching, bootcamp or illustrations).

  • Priority of submission, ‘first come, first served’.

Service will include:

  • Editor services (copyediting and proofreading) up to 50,000 words***

  • Formatting, Typesetting and Publishing

  • ISBN

  • Legal copies to UK Libraries

  • Published in paperback format

  • Basic** book cover design

  • Proof copy to approve (paperback)

  • eBook* published on Kindle, Google Play Books, Kobo

  • 50% of the profits of all books that we sell, discount of up to 40% of all books purchased via us as wholesale

  • Digital Marketing on all major social media outlets for 12 weeks****

  • Author page on www.green-cat.shop

  • Book listed on Amazon internationally, www.green-cat.shop etsy.com and www.waterstones.com


£625 per manuscript/book

Approved authors will earn 50% of the profits of all sales (assessed quarterly and payable once royalties exceed £100) generated by Green Cat Books and their distribution channels, and copies of the book can be ordered by authors at wholesale prices (approximately 60% of the RRP) on a 'print on demand' basis. Books may only be purchased via Green Cat Books or one of the approved distribution channels.

Approved authors are expected to generate a minimum of 100 sales

Full T&Cs will be given before work is approved.

We will accept previously published books with this service, as long as the author commits to meet the minimum sales requirements.


All-Inclusive Publishing

An all-inclusive service offering editing/proofreading, formatting and typesetting, basic book cover design, ISBN, publishing, marketing and distribution. Author earns 10% of the RRP

As a writer, there's nothing quite as satisfying as opening up a brand new notebook, ready to start your next masterpiece.....