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Assault on Charlestown (Oblivion Trilogy Book 3) By Steve P Lee

Assault on Charlestown (Oblivion Trilogy Book 3) By Steve P Lee

Varenr.: 978-1-9993550-1-2

Decades before the calamitous events in Charlestown, Captain Alice Davenport and the crew of the BCRS Fiennes suffered their own disastrous encounter with the Varla K’dyamon. Their spaceship destroyed, they find themselves marooned on Eskelon IV, a planet they were studying for future colonisation. It now appears to be their permanent home with no chance of rescue. Furthermore, the outcome of the Varla K’dyamon’s battle with an ancient alien defensive system is unknown. The greatest threat to their survival may come from space, not from their new habitat.

Roman and Mint continue to work for Department 44, desperately seeking knowledge and weapons that may allow them to combat the threat posed by Tiada Vejour. But, they aren’t the only ones hard at work on Obsirion II; plans and projects are coming to fruition in Charlestown. The malevolent alien still plans to enslave the entire population of the planet and call surviving members of its clan to a vast source of energy.   


ISBN: 978-1-9993550-1-2

Pub: Dec 2018

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