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Daniel J Hainey

Action Adventure / LGBTQ+ Author

Daniel is from Manchester, UK. In 2018 he finished his degree in philosophy and politics with a 2:1, his dissertation focusing on ‘how recent media attention on sexual harassment has impacted on female empowerment.’ In his spare time when not writing he is usually reading or binging tv shows.

New book out in July 2022

Artemisa wants nothing more than a peaceful life. However, when you can kill with a single touch, the U.S. government is never going to let that happen, they're going to imprison you and have you committing assassinations as soon as you can stand.

When Artemisa finally escapes the U.S. government only to wind up in the employment of a crime family, she learns that sometimes peace can only come after completing a kill list. When everyone is dead, then maybe she can rest and have a chance at happiness.

When you're death incarnate, peace is the goal.

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