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Dr Julie A D Greenhalgh

Children's Author

"My background is in science. I have a PhD in quantum chemistry and my first two jobs involved research, in particular molecular modelling and drug design.
After having three sons I had a change of direction and started working part-time at The University of Nottingham, initially developing computer-aided learning materials to train pharmacy undergraduates, then I was the administrator for a postgraduate drug design course on the internet. Finally I became the web administrator for The Pharmacy School and also various research groups.
I took early retirement in September 2019 and threw myself into U3A activities, such as improving my French and joining a choir.
Then the Corona Virus hit the UK and we went into lockdown. With more time on my hands, I embarked on a long-held ambition to write a children's book, which turned into two!
I am very proud of my three sons and it was a conscious decision of mine to work part-time, so that I had time to bring them up properly. Reading was a very important part of that and I also thought it was extremely valuable to teach them to empathise with other people. Hence the subject matter for my book was always going to take on this theme!"

The Empathisers are friendly and cuddly creatures who understand how you are feeling and can help you with any problems you may have. Only certain children can see Empathisers, but the creatures are totally invisible to adults.


A great way of introducing younger children to understand about empathy. Comforting and reassuring message for a child to help them understand about loss and that loved ones are watching over them. Encourages children to look out in nature for there signs around us, a lot of which are missed by most in their busy lives. An ideal book for any child going through issues related to bereavement, bullying, a new relationship for their mum or dad, or moving house or to a new school. Beautifully illustrated too!
~ Ian Withers

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