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Elle Bor

Fiction Author

Author of contemporary women's fiction and confessional poetry.
Elle Bor's emotional adherence to old world, and often antiquated literary works, spurred one facet of her writing style. The other part is steered by a contemporary interpretation of this deeply-rooted language.
An esteemed writer from a small town in the Philippines, her paternal grandfather was instrumental in her passion for the craft. His influence is notable in Elle Bor's equally nostalgic and new age tone, in both poetry and prose.
Having been raised in a family that often refrains from expressing emotions, writing was her only method of healing following the death of her mother 28 years ago.
When not creating, Elle Bor takes advantage of her eclectic book collection. She loves to travel off the beaten path and embark on gastronomic adventures. She also has a severe obsession to crime series, reality shows, fashion, and dogs.


As a horror and thriller fan, I love how the story line gave me a lot of spine-chilling moments. Each chapter unveils a sequence that will allow you to put the pieces together and thoroughly understand each character. The author's way of narrating the events was intricate, rigid and mind-bending which allows me to visualize every scene as if I was watching a movie. As I turned each page, it immersed me deeper into Ophelia's world, a complete mix-up of human tragedy and a never-ending self-battle of freedom and individuality. It provides you a painstaking insight of the mind's perplexing realities. This Elle Bor's masterpiece is truly a work of art! I can't wait to read a prequel or a sequel soon.
~ Nheri

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