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Our FAQs

Green Cat Books

How long will it take until my book is published?

On average, it takes around 3 months from the submission. We complete 3 proofreads, with at least 2 sets of eyes to ensure that we don't miss anything. Next is the formatting, so that it looks like a book rather than a Word document. We create a book cover and send authors print copies to be checked and approved.

We ensure that our authors have time to approve every stage of the work,so that they are completely happy.

Can I have my book turned into a TV show or film?

Publishers cannot refer authors or their books to producers, directors or similar. Authors are encouraged to hire literary agents to advise of the process.   

Why do you charge for shipping?

Our authors receive royalties on all books sold. If we offered free shipping, this would affect their income. However, all of our books are shipped using eco-friendly, compostable and waterproof mailing bags, and are tracked until you receive the package.

Why do I have to pay to have my book published?

There are some very large publishing houses that still publish your work free of charge., and some probably even pay advances, but it is almost impossible to contact and submit a manuscript to them - they don't usually accept 'unsolicited manuscripts', as they call them. Although we have been around for 6 years, we are still a small business. 

A lot of work goes into the production of transforming your manuscript. We provide three proofreads, along with editing, formatting, distribution and marketing. An author can choose to pay a small amount to cover some of the costs in return for 10% royalties, or pay for a complete service that pays 100% of royalties. 

If you feel that your book is 100% proofread and formatted, then you can choose one of our 'pick 'n' mix services, which costs less and pays 100% of the royalties.

Are your books available on Amazon in Australia?

Yes! In fact, ALL of our books are available on all Amazon platforms worldwide.

What do I need to get started?

Write a book! Seriously though, further down the line, we accept manuscripts preferrably as an MS Word document. The font and line spacing doesn't matter if we are formatting your work. 

Once you have completed a piece of work, send a short synopsis to us at 

For packages which offer 100% royalties, the subject matter doesn't matter too much, unless it is offensive or not publishable (we can produce a book for you, just wouldn't be able to publish). We still ask for the synopsis so that we can assess if more work be required, for example, if the structure isn't right or there are many errors), as this would incur extra costs.

If you are struggling with the writing process, we do offer bootcamps or one-to-one coaching to help you.

I'm struggling with writers' block, can you help?

Most definitely" WE have bootcamps (which aren't as scary as you think!" and one-to-one coaching.

The bootcamps are 12 week 'courses' where a few of us gather online and we provide tips and suggestions, along with accountability. There's nothing strenuous, we don't expect you to do 100 pressups, thank goodness! Maybe more brain strength.

If you feel like you need more help than this, then the coaching would be better. Contact us for more info at 

I don't want people to read my book, apart from friends and family. Can this be done?

Certainly! We can produce a book, but not publish it, so that you can just order copies to hand out to those wanting to treasure your achievement.

Are your books available on Amazon in the USA?

Yes! In fact, ALL of our books are available on all Amazon platforms worldwide.

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