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Words on Stony Ground eBook

Words on Stony Ground eBook

Since my other books, “My Words for Living” and “Travel Safely Within” were published, words have continued to arrive; via pen, pencil, keyboard and dreams, never really stopping. A steady stream of ideas have washed into my consciousness, waiting to be written down and shared.

My inspiration continues to be from many

sources. This collection is a genuine mix of topics, emotional responses and calls to action. Each poem has a story within its form, of which there are new variants as I continue to experiment and develop as a poet.

I have been very fortunate in making new

contacts and enjoyed many memorable poetry opportunities.

As the reader, please try the words out loud, to help interpret them in your own way. Look for the beginning, middle and end to each story. The meanings might change along with your energy levels and mood but I trust you will find some new favourites amongst “Words on Stony Ground”; poems inspired by life, loss & love

Publish date 17th June 2024

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