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When you first sent us your manuscript, particularly when we were first setting up, you (usually those with 'Full Publishing Service') would have been aware that it would be listed on Amazon, Kindle, our website and Waterstones. 

Since then, we have been able to expand the retailers, and as we have done so, we then informed you to let you know so that you may choose to have your book listed.

The new platforms we can additional list our ebooks with is:

Google Play


Book Owl

Green Cat Books (as a PDF eBook)

If you would like us to expand the circulations, you can do so for just £99 (to cover the administrative costs). Additional to this, you must be aware that by becoming less exclusive to Amazon, you won't be able to run specific promotions with Kindle.

If you are interested, please email us

Listing your eBooks 

Hardback Books

Colorful Book Spines

We are now able to offer hardback books!

These have size restrictions, so please check with us before purchasing.


£99 per title

What's included?

Per Title -

  • Production: £50

  • ISBN*: £79

  • Six week's marketing: £52.50

  • Proof copy: £15


Extras available:

Book Cover:  If you would like a limited edition cover to celebrate the hardback version, we can do this from just £50 

* A separate ISBN is required for alternative versions of books

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