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Working Remotely

Independent Publishing 

If you want to have less stress while receiving 100% of the profits, and purchase author copies at a greatly reduced cost, then the Independent Publishing service for you. These options are also ideal for those authors who only wish to have their work in print, to show to their friends and family. 

Everything included in steps 1-4**
includes 20 complimentary copies of your completed book


Step One

Proofread and Edit

We will proofread, edit and then do a final check through

(For works over 50,000 add additional £10 per 1,000 words)

£10 per 1,000 words (once 50,000 exceeded)

Step Two

Typsetting/formatting, ISBN, Basic Book Cover, Proof copy

(ebooks include typesetting/formatting and front cover design)

The complete production of a book from a manuscript

includes ebook, paperback and hardback versions

Step Three

Distribution to various bookshops

Includes Amazon (worldwide),, Etsy and Foyles, plus the mandatory copies to the British libraries. Ebooks include Google Play, Kindle and Kobo (*where available) 

ebook, paperback & hardback

Step Four

Marketing on Social Media

Marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

12 months' marketing

* Some fully-illustrated books may not be available with Kindle and Kobo.

**packages include up to 50,000 words

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