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Motivational Pocket Poems

Motivational Pocket Poems


Unleash your inner strength with this Motivational Pocket Poem Pack. Each card is a powerful reminder that resilience, courage, and positivity are your greatest allies on the journey to success. Elevate your spirits, overcome challenges, and embrace a mindset of unwavering determination. Let these cards be your daily dose of inspiration, lighting the path to a brighter, empowered future.

There are 10 cards in this pack. Each card has space on the back where you can write a little message.

With every pack ordered a pack will be donated to charity, a school or care centre. Once a month a box of mental health pocket poems will be donated.

This Pocket Poem pack was created in the United Kingdom by Kelly The Poet. Card Material Size: 85 x 55 mm Card GSM:400 Professional matt finish. They are then packaged in a hand stamped cotton muslin bag.

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