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James Percival


James Percival is a retired primary school teacher with a background in medical pathology, having gained qualifications in microbiology.

Having learnt to see through the lens of a microscope, he has wondered at the beauty and complexity of life and not just its physical elements. He understands that nature has much to teach us about matters of the soul; and not just by analysis but by interaction and reflection.


He has developed a great love of writing since the early days at school where he was told that his work ‘had no future’! The written word has become a deep expression of who he is and there is a growing realisation that in that shared place, others may even benefit from his experience of life’s journey.


James lives on Anglesey, North Wales, with his wife, Lesley. He has two children, both of whom have children of their own. They are all an inspiration to him in his writing. He is currently working on fables for children and the development of an adventure novel for children. There are more reflections to come!

Coming 1st August

In a Mirror...

In a Mirror...

To walk the path of this life is an adventure. So much unknown... and seemingly random. The journey can be exhilarating, scary, painful, beautiful... ugly. And where are we going? Sometimes it seems we walk this path alone, but there is no doubt we need companionship to make the human experience complete. To journey alongside someone we trust eases the pain we all must experience and helps us to realise that all is not lost – that there is always hope and a place of redemption. We may only see i

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