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Melvyn Penn

 Author of Travel Journal

Besides travel and nature, Melvyn particularly enjoys sport and also music events. He is a keen hiker and runner.  Through his running, Melvyn has raised funds for charity, including 'forCrohns'.  Melvyn really values spending time with his family. 

Melvyn has some experience of the travel industry, having both worked and studied in this field.  At the University of Exeter, he was awarded with BA (HNS) in Leisure and Tourism Studies with Sport and Recreation Studies.  His dissertation 'Great Expectations; An Ethnographic Study of Visitor Perceptions of Tintagel' gained first class honours. Prior to this, at the University of Lancashire, he was awarded with a BTEC (HND) in Sustainable Tourism.  In the past, he has worked at the National Park Information Centre, in Keswick, and as a children’s activity leader for PGL Travel.

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Diary of an Unconventional Traveller - In 'Lockdown' Year 2020

The unconventional traveller (author) seeks out remote and spectacular corners of Britain and Europe.  In terms of both lifestyle and travel, he seems reluctant to accept change or progress. Then, Covid-19 strikes the world in 2020- a global pandemic.  In striving not to forego his annual holidays, just how is he ever going to adapt?
As he starts to venture further afield, and Covid travel regulations are enforced, he is faced with some shrewd decision-making. Intriguingly, some of the biggest obstacles that he has to face up to actually turn out to be unrelated to Covid. 
The transcript, and selected photographs, are extracted straight from the author's personal journal. It serves to reward on many levels.  We have a compelling armchair travel guide.  We get an insightful look at the hospitality sector. Ultimately, we are drawn into an unprecedented year of global travel.