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Michael Keene

LGBTQ+ Fiction Author

Prior to becoming a writer of fiction, Mike had a very successful career in photography. From his studio in Windsor he held commissions ranging from fashion to room sets, just to mention a couple. He employed twenty seven staff and also managed to find time to film documentaries on travel. He could often be found [with his small crew] in the depths of the continent operating from a camper van during the summer months.
When you have had such an exciting career such as Mike has had, he has no trouble in visualising characters or situations for his love of writing. The cross match of people that he has had the pleasure of meeting during his creative life have provided endless material for his published books.
Now, from his cottage in Hampshire, Mike is using his retirement years with a new energy which is crafted into his books. He loves to write mainly about people and their lives. He never names people that have passed through his life, however he writes with them in mind. That is why his books are, in a way, quite varied in the story line. Mike is never reserved in writing about life as it is.


For the Love of Tom

Romance & LGBTQ+

In wartime England (1914-18), homosexuality was punishable by law. Despite this, Bryan falls for fellow soldier Tom whilst in the trenches. Does Tom feel the same way? How will Bryan's family respond to his sexuality?
RRP: £8.99

The Other Life

Romance, Fantasy & LGBTQ+

Professional photographer Gino heads to the mountains in an attempt to write his first book and have a break from his lover, David. However,. it seems like someone is more interested in writing his book than he is, giving a whole new meaning to the word ghostwriter.
RRP: £8.99


For the Love of Tom

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I love the way Micheal writes, he draws you in to the characters and become friends and want to know more
~ Barry Oliver

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