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a beautiful collection full of hope

Prahtiba's book is one of my favorites of the year, a beautiful collection full of hope-inspiring poems. For anyone who has known pain or illness or known anyone who has, this collection feels familiar, wise, and sympathetic. Two of my favorite poems were "Every Day Is A Healing Day'' and "Change in Life." I really liked "Every Day Is A Healing Day" because the speaker's voice is that of someone who knows what it feels like to *be* sick every day, to be in pain, to actively pursue wellness tirelessly, reward or not, and to find meaning in that life. It is a profoundly good poem. I particularly like the sound in "Change in Life," as well I just really connect to it, as I've had so many health issues and things never stay the same for long. "You always leave one before/ Moving to another/ Whatever the 'another' is" Such wise lines!

- Dona reads Too many At a time!

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