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A Road Less Travelled by Andrew Shaw

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

This chortle-worthy laddish traveller’s tale chats with the reader like a bloke in a pub, recounting nostalgic stories of shenanigans in foreign parts, with its near misses, close encounters and quests for life experiences.

Depicting the first leg of a round-the-world trip, the opening chapter shows us the culmination of this part of the adventure and, having dangled the proverbial carrot, fleshes out the backstory in a friendly, open style. Encouraged to witness the next amusing anecdote, it’s a page-turner of travel writing.

Peppered with contemporary language, the narrator is deeply appreciative of his environment and nature’s beauty; always seeming to enjoy life, even his time spent working in Sydney gaol is relayed with a sense of fondness which contrasts well with the stark surroundings.

The author gleefully teases the reader with the promise of more episodes to follow, woven with glimpses of his northern English life, in a tale that echoes an Aussie stubbie - a mix of froth and substance in a cheerful, easy read.

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