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Covid-Nineteen Lives

Updated: Jan 7

Nineteen short stories spun with a pandemic thread, Covid-19 Lives begins long before society was smitten with a global plague. Aliens, politicians and housewives are woven together to shine a tight lens on life, told in an easy-read style with relatable characters and narratives.

This is not to say that the issues displayed here are inconsequential; on the contrary, Ms Rivers deals with gender politics, the issues of capitalism, ableism and retribution in a time when lives were turned upside down, without flag-waving or being overbearingly ‘woke’.

A lovely pick-it-up-put-it-down-pick-it-up-again collection, Ms Rivers’ smooth style slips into the psyche with surprising reveals that leave us questioning our own ingrained stereotypes. A seemingly light read that makes you think? Win/win for Green Cat Books.

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