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Delve into his deep talents with words

Sarfraz Ahmed has a true poet's heart. He writes in a style that feels as if he is a friend of the reader, letting us into the deep thoughts on life and love. The book opens with the title poem, "Eighty-Four Pins" and it is an excellent poem to start the delve into his deep talents with words. I became very empathetic with the bride mentioned in this opening poem..her fears and stress and uncomfortableness as those eighty-four pins held her in her gold elaborate wedding dress, presenting an image that was not who she is.

My favourite poem in the book is, '"We're Not Lovers." I was drawn in by the ache of loving someone so intimately close to you, but not able to cross into the line of ecstasy that makes them your lover. It was so well written as to make the reader feel the emotions with him.

Being a romantic poetry writer myself, I also really appreciated the author's talents in "A Love Divine," "The First Time I Saw You" and "The Two of Us." They hold all the integrity of what love experiences bring.

I enjoyed all of Sarfraz Ahmed's poems. Some take on a feeling of rejection of love, recovery, expectancy, wishful thinking, seeking, and reflection. I love poetry that makes me ponder and experience life through the poet, and he definitely does this over and over in each poem.

I highly recommend this poetry collection for any true lover of poems who wants to come away inspired. Beautiful work. ;)

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