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Enchantment and whimsy galore

Enchantment and whimsy galore with this delightful read from Author Elijah Barns as we follow the tale of black cat extraordinaire Jet Splinters and the new love of his life, Witch Jinny! A not so nice neighbor with a devious golf course expansion plan is set to destroy their peaceful setting, displacing the homes of the fey beings in the area.

Witch Jinny and her cracking coven are determined to stop the destruction, using their cleverest spell binding conjures. The cats of the coven lend their helping paws and claws to the effort too, assisted by the birds and foxes of the forest. A witchy, fey showdown like no other occurs–will the magical grounds be saved?

Your heart will swell with a warm glow as you listen in to the bewitching conversations between Jinny and her black haired feline and friends as their relationship and affection for one another blossoms. An enchantingly wicked read, perfect for the Halloween season. Let the laughs and hijinks begin, most highly recommended!


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