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Ends of the Earth by Ian P Buckingham

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

In Book Two of The Changeling Saga, we are reunited with the Trelgathwin line and the Savage family as they learn to overcome the bitter magic that split their fae forces and wiccan powers during Legend of the Lost. The family must once again separate, albeit amicably, and the narrative displays this through alternating views into Cornwall, and more exotically, Africa.

Sights and sounds of this continent are conveyed with a fond familiarity, incorporating otherwordly creatures from African legend with the animals of the arid landscape, whilst the Cornish contigent feels deceptively safe – to be begin with.

Both sides of the family have their foes to battle to fulfill their ancient destinies; told with charm and descriptive flair, the excitement keeps the pages turning to another tantalising conclusion. Roll on Return of the Changeling!


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