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  • Tkai

Experience a whirlwind of emotions

I was privileged to have received an advance review copy of this book. Reading the unedited version of this masterpiece is truly a journey I would gladly pay good money for. The characters are so well written that you would feel every misfortune they experience as if it were your own and, likewise, feel elated when a character feels triumphant. Ophelia, the main character of this book, alone could make you experience a whirlwind of emotions. She would make you question your own sanity and make you realize that you yourself could and would do insane things for the ones you love. She is so relate-able in a sense that we as human beings are hardwired to do what is necessary to survive. And that our brain is so powerful that it has the capability to alter one person's concept of reality. This part of her character is what scared me the most; the realization that Ophelia and I are similar. And I believe people who read this would feel the same, men and women alike.

And just when you thought you had plunged into the darkest side of the story, Elle Bor makes a complete turn to the unthinkable. There are characters in the book that ventures to unspeakable horror that makes you dive deeper into the dark side of humanity. Even if you have no personal experience of the same horror the characters have experienced, at the back of your brain you know that these horrible things are happening on a daily basis in our world today. So this book, for me, is like a wake up call to my humanity. What does it mean to be human? Which line/s are you willing to cross for the people you love? Which is reality and which part is just made up for survival? These are the questions I asked myself after I read the book. So for those who would want to experience the same reality check I had, this book is for you. Truly a writer/storyteller to watch out for. I can’t wait for her next one.

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