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I’m very glad I own this book

Love this book. I’d been living a low carb lifestyle for a couple of years and had lost a lot of weight however I’d been stuck at a plateau for quite a while, couldn’t seem to get through it but I knew I was having the odd sweet treat here and there and also couldn’t resist the samosas that kept appearing at work! This book was recommended to me. It’s not a big book so was easy and quick to read, it’s written in a friendly tone, I read it at least 3 times because it really made sense and I could tell it was sinking in. The link to hypnosis was great. It really helped me to get back into healthy eating habits. My cravings virtually disappeared altogether by week 3. The cakes and biscuits in the office don’t bother me and I’ve resisted samosas several times now without a problem! I started on 1st November, it's 10th February now and I’ve lost 17lbs but best of all I’m not even on a diet, I eat really well, am never hungry, I’m listening to my body, I’m making the right food choices and my appetite is correcting itself. If I feel that a special occasion at the weekend is going to derail me I read this book again or listen to the hypno and get back in the zone. I feel so much healthier and fitter with more energy and am also sleeping better. After many years of yo-yo dieting this is completely different. I'm no longer focused on Okay what can I eat next? Bridgette is a lovely lady which you discover when you join her Facebook group (details in the book) there is ongoing support available if you need it. I’m very glad I own this book. It helps me to be a happier, healthier version of me.

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