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Insect Youth by James Nelson Roebuck

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Insect Youth is a fascinating story written by James Nelson Roebuck about a boy named David Smith who turned seventeen. David is an intelligent young man from a small industrial town who has a place at Oxford almost guaranteed but for a set of reasons he wants to drop out and follow up a hippy commune with his three friends.

It is a coming of age story which takes unexpected turns leading to a debauched weekend and one long summer living in a field in France.

One of my favorite parts of reading this book was to see the world through David’s eyes and his perspective. The travel plot and events in the book seemed real as if they are happening in one’s life.

David's character had so much more potential that I am hoping to read more about him and his life, his decisions in his twenties, and lessons the youth can learn from it.

James Nelson Roebuck has captured in his writing the story which involves the truth about life, with the good and ugly side , with love and heartache, and realizing that there are people who won't be kind to you just because you are.

These elements combined with messy still-developing personalities made the story appealing to me.

This story is for anyone who wants to read about a life of seventeen-year-old David, who has to navigate his way, explore life and deal with what it has brought to a version of the perplexity of adolescent awakening.

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