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Kari Nordmann by Lisa J Rivers

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Lisa J Rivers’ first foray into Nordic Noir brings us Kari Nordmann: A Case for Line [pronounced Lena and skilfully described in the narrative] Larsen. City living is warmly described and set next to small-town nostalgia, along with the seamier side of life.

Line’s character’s maturity develops before our eyes as she becomes entangled in the mysterious web of a legal case, ostensibly handled by her feckless boss, the brash Mr Hansen. All is not as it first seems; while Line navigates her way through her first job, living independently in the city and keeping friendships fresh, her morals, ethics and empathy grow as she unpicks the seemingly cut-and-dried murder case.

Who is Kari Nordmann? Whom did she murder? And why?

Rivers has the ability to tackle deep issues in a friendly, open narrative which draws the reader along and carries them through the ups and downs of Line’s life. A lovely read.


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