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Legend of the Lost by Ian P Buckingham

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

A tantalising first book in a fantasy trilogy aimed at teens and keen younger readers, Legend of the Lost carefully draws a current of magic through the everyday world. With echoes of ancient myth and lore, it tells the tale of a small family’s magical reawakening as they are beset by contemporary issues of environmental neglect and social conscience, all told in a warm and often humorous narrative voice.

The novel’s evocative imagery paints a detailed impression of much-loved English settings, from seashore to forest to ancient castle; never too much to overwhelm the reader but enough to place and enrich the scene and its fast-paced action.

Mermaids, faeries, wytches, werewolves, pirates and all create a rich tapestry of high adventure with a satisfying yet provocative conclusion. Can’t wait for Ends of the Earth, the next in the series.

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