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The creator of this book has passed onto her reader, a touch of magic

I bought this book because the author expressed her desire to share her journey in life through poetry and art. That the book exercises mindfulness. When the book arrived, I wasn’t prepared for the treat I would receive. This isn’t just a book you read and put down. The creator of this book has passed onto her reader, a touch of magic. I open this book and reach the first hint of the author's intent. The introduction of the author, that there are poems and art, art you the reader can add colour to. This is an utterly delightful experience. Each section of this book is a stage through life. The author has written some very moving prose that reflects the reader's own journey. Through each section you will find artwork that links into the themes of the poems. All done in the design of tangles and knots. As you colour them in, you realise, that all those harder moments, those tangles and knots can be made beautiful, and add substance to your future. This book transitions the mind from those negative pitfalls, and lifts your focus. It is simply beautiful. A very clever concept that reaches into the reader. By the end, you have this book that has become a personal treasure, because it has your own mark on it. I am so happy I bought this. If you want to find some calm in the storm, to discover clarity and an ease to your focus towards life’s struggles, then this book will certainly do just that. I must add that the artwork is symbolic also. My favourite ones are the infinity symbol and the tree of life.

- G

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