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The Firelighters Book One – A Spark of Fire by Jennifer L. Rothwell

Updated: Jan 7

Where political corruption and magic meet, there we have A Spark of Fire, the first book of The Firelighters series.

Most of London is a toxic wasteland and non-magic folk are ghettoised and subjected to daily restrictions and cruelties. How will our feisty, firey protagonist cope with the glaring dehumanisation of her community when she turns 16 and has to leave the orphanage to find her way in the world? In a coming-of-age story where the lines between good and evil are blurred, the characters must find their growth or be blind to opportunities.

With twists and momentous reveals, this novel blends a magical world into the gritty realism of the corruption of power and the Othering of an underclass. It’s an engaging read, rooted in hope for the future but with the promise of more to come. If you like the idea of magic living in our flawed world, you’ll appreciate that magic-users are human like the rest of us.

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