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Unbelievable treks and giggles galore

Unbelievable treks and giggles galore in this second book by Author Barns in his Witch and Jet Splinters fantasy series. An encounter with a conniving Herne the Hunter with dubious ties makes Witch Jinny Lane in the need for a holiday! Jinny and her adorable feline companion Jetty are off on a road trip like no other with witchy friends Riz and Lou. They’re off to see the fairie hills in Scotland, traveling in style in a posh motor coach that happens to be a fav of a few, ahem, smelly goblins–but before the trip begins, we first are swept away to ancient Egypt in a time-machine, where one of the travelers learns of surprise royal origins…there is never a dull moment with this crew–expect the unexpected! As we travel back to the present, the motor coach journey begins, and new pets (and old) join the witches on their journey, including a tarantula who tragically was believed to be lost forever, a beloved former pet who has magically returned as an impressive Indian fruit bat, a green alien cat with two tails and an encyclopedic mind (there’s a story with this one!), and a fabulous crow with a heart of gold. As this witchy group travels the Scottish countryside, they encounter more witches, shadow cutters, and even Satan himself, Mr. Nick–who is rumored to have a bit of a past with one of one of the ladies… I was absolutely enchanted and delighted with this latest story from Author Barns. His stories are cracking reads–filled with fantastical adventure (and sometimes the odd mis-adventures), hilarious dialogue ( yes, witches and animals do talk to one another, frequently!), and witty storylines filled with charmed creatures that storm your imagination. The ladies are coming into their own in this story, and the pets will keep you laughing and gobsmacked with their adorable antics. This is a must read series for me, feel good fun and lore galore–highly recommended! I can’t wait until the promised book 3 is done!


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