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What a rip roaring and wonderful read!

I came across A Bustle In The Hedgerow: Volume 1 (The Witch And Jet Splinters) on Twitter and I am so glad I did.

What a rip roaring and wonderful read! I was reading faster than Amazon could download to my Kindle, then slowed the pace as I did not want to get to the end. I loved everything about this book, the rich characterisation, the places, the dialogue, the plot which was full of laughter and tears and a total 'I did not see that coming'...And the strands of magic that ran through the whole story were, well, just magical!!

Elijah Barnes is a superlative storyteller. I was captivated by his writing and could totally envisage being there in Demonia Cottage (2) with Jinny & Jet and their super cool coven of witches and familiars and confess to being more than just a touch in love with Jet, the most fabulous fictional feline ever...

I highly recommend this wonderful book, equally appealing to an audience of young adults and oldies like me alike!

I am now off 'quick sticks' to get book 2 in the series, 'The Shadow Cutters'.

P.s Ohh this would be such a great series on Amazon or Netflix!!

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