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What would you do...?

What would you do if you found out that your widowed father and the three close family friends whom you've always thought of as honorary uncles were actually .... well, not quite human? This is the situation that confronts Dr David Freeman on what he'd assumed would be an ordinary Summer visit to his childhood home, as he joins his elders on a mountain hike on Midsummer's Day. Suddenly there are Dryads coming out of the trees, Elves and Pixies coming out of the woodwork and shapeshifters going awol as startling family revelations over the campfire belatedly make sense of David's unconventional childhood and upbringing. Oh, and it's time to say goodbye to an old - very old - family friend whose life story turns out to have been literally the stuff of legend. It's a steep learning curve for David, and readers of 'A Twist of Starlight' will be as intrigued as he is to learn what's actually been going on in this quiet corner of Wales for the last thousand years or more!

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