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Winding Down by Lisa J Rivers

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Samantha's life takes a turn for the worse and there seems to be no way out... except for one solution. Follow her path of self-destruction, dogged by good luck, in this black comedy.

The book is a way to talk about mental [health] issues. Yes, they are important and they need to be acknowledged. Feeling sad and depressed because of our body is what each and every one of us must have experienced at some point of our lives. People make fun of us and they don't realise how much it might affect us.

It looked like the protagonist was about to murder someone-(herself) from the stuff she was buying from the store. Such a deep beginning was extremely intriguing as a reader.

The protagonist explains about her relationship with Tom and other things that affect her-she gives examples that are quite relatable which makes the book more loveable.

At the very beginning of the story, she walks up accidentally in front of a car- she does not want this death. The fact that she often takes paracetamol, everything just makes us understand the life of a depressed woman who is being humiliated by her own family- who has no one to support her.

She undergoes a lot of turmoil and confusion in her life.

The book is extremely grasping and reveals the dark side of our life. How we ignore situations and undermine not only ours but also our family’s emotions....

It was a wonder reading the book! The small detailing it had, the choice of words-the lucid language- it was so grasping. The theme in itself was non-conventional but highly needed and valuable.

I suggest this book to everyone! It is a must read <3.

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