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Privacy Policy

Your data and privacy are important and we will handle them securely, fairly and legally at all times. Green Cat complies fully with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and below we tell you about what data we collect and how we store and use it.

What Information Do We Collect?


We keep all the data that you give us when you join our mailing list, make a purchase (including Distributors and their customers) or become one of our authors.

We keep details of customers who purchase from us for several reasons.

  • To keep you informed about upcoming news that may appeal to you

  • For our accounts record to comply with legal procedures.

  • In case we need to offer a refund or exchange

We keep details of those joining a mailing list, but only you have opted in for this service. We will only store your name and email address. We will NEVER pass on your details to any third parties.

We do need to contact our authors to inform them of possible events, news etc. The information stored in your books and accounts will never be used without your consent, and never shared with third parties.

We do not store any card details. We use Paypal, Etsy Wix and BACS to collect payments, but we can in no way use your payment details without your consent. 

Our courier services are mainly Royal Mail.  

Where We Keep Your Data 

The security of your personal data is a very major concern for us. We have legal obligations to keep it safe and handle it with care and the penalties for not doing so are very high.


We have no paper copies of anything connected with any customer or interested party. We store your personal data securely in a GDPR compliant cloud-based system, which no-one except members of our company. 

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