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A Twist in Stone by Betty Valentine

A Twist in Stone by Betty Valentine

Five years on from the events up the mountain, life has settled down for David and his family, if you call doing dental check-ups on a polo addicted unicorn settling down.


A new case puts them on the trail of a spectral beast, which is Marc’s worst nightmare, meanwhile Jon has his own battle to fight.


Along the way they meet several old faces and one or two new ones. There is a serial killer at large, and something keeps needling away at them in the background.


It is all in a day’s work for the boys as Jonny Greeneyes and friends find themselves heading off on a brand-new adventure.


‘Pixie tough love, mate-nobody loves a porky elf!’


‘Easy then, all we need is some elephant sized doo-doo bags and about a ton of unicorn crunchies or whatever the hell they eat for breakfast and we’re good to go.’


To be published approx end March/beg April 2022

ISBN: 978-1-913794-59-0

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