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100% royalties and payment plans available

Established in 2017, Green Cat Books have published almost 100 books, written by new authors, just like you. We can perform all the tasks necessary to produce a beautiful book for you.

* Copy editing: This is the first stage in any book production. You don't want a reader to notice mistakes that could have been checked before printing. We carefully read through the entire book, twice, to ensure that your work has no spelling or grammatical issues.

* Proofreading: We have an extra pair of eyes that do a thorough final read through to make sure it is 100%!

* Production: Firstly, we convert your Microsoft Word Document (or Google Docs) into a print-ready pdf, ensuring that the paragraphs, line spacing, page numbers etc. are in the right places. We create a book cover and provide an ISBN (a unique number that each book must legally have).

Once you approve the digital proof copy (this shows how the pages are laid out, and essentially what your finished book will look like, we arrange to send out a paperback proof copy for you to check through and approve. Once you are completely happy, we will publish your book. It will automatically listed on Amazon worldwide, along with creating an author webpage for you, which you can refer potential readers to.

* Extended Distribution: We can list your book onto a national database, which is used by many local, independent book shops, as well as Foyles and Waterstones. 

* Marketing: We will automatically promote your book on social media for a six week period (two weeks before and four weeks after). We can advise you in ways that you can market your book, and can also steer you in the direction of suitable marketing companies.

Why waste time choosing which publishing package would suit you best, when you can simply pick 'n' mix according to your needs and requirements.

Whether you just want to have your work given the 'once-over', converting into a paperback or ebook, or completely handing over the reins, we can help you. 

We can even set you up with an Amazon account, to enable you to sell your book there with very little effort...

...and the beauty of it all... you earn 100% of the royalties!

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Extended Distribution

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Amazing publisher that provides a professional and supportive service while making a few dreams come true along the way!

~ Neil Pettifer

Writer's Block?

If you are struggling to put pen to paper, or are maybe finding trouble with the construction of your work, one of our writing coaches may be able to help.