Glyn Roberts

Children's Author

Glyn is writer, musician, actor, appreciator of fine wine, and for his real job, an educator. He has worked in 3 continents, played in several bands, and has been an avid writer for many years. The Porrig stories are the culmination of 8 years’ work, and Glyn now works in tandem with David Smith on their various creative enterprises.
Glyn is married to his long suffering wife, Helen, who has learned to cope with his ‘artistic’ temperament. They live in Adelaide, South Australia with their two daughters.

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Prince Porrig and the Peculiar Pet

Fabulous follow up to the first book. The Cragon is adorable! The kids can't wait for new titles.
~ Mrs Pauline Smith

Prince Porrig and the Calamitous Carbuncle

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