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The Cloaked Kingdom

The Cloaked Kingdom


The Kingdom of Eimmore has never been the same after the Ancient War. Use of magic is rare and extremely deadly to anyone, or anything in the vicinity.
Artemis and Karis, brother and sister, are destined to follow their father’s footsteps in ruling their beloved Snake Guild. The siblings quickly discover that their fates are split, as they’re forced to flee the home that they love and seek answers in the allies that they have. Some secrets are best left in their minds, as the telepathic link they were granted at birth keeps them close, even from a far.
An opposition house, the Spider Guild, has been moving in the darkness, pulling at the web of chaos and leaving the neighbouring towns in fear whilst amassing great power. Remnants of dark blood magic have been left in their wake.
A tale of passion for knowledge and strength, led by corruption and fear. What begins as curiosity becomes a deep desire of lust and magic.

Publish: 1st September

ISBN: 978-1-913794-45-3

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