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A Case for Line Larsen 2 ebook set

A Case for Line Larsen 2 ebook set

Kari Nordmann - Book One

Line Larsen is fresh out of college and working for a law company. Despite the nonchalant attitude of her boss, Line becomes engrossed in the first case she encounters, that of the suspected murderer, Kari Normann. Line believes that Kari is innocent and, while juggling her personal life in the big city of Oslo, investigates the case further.

(This can be downloaded immediately)

Heidi Hansen - Book 2 (will be sent out to readers on 5th April - one day before release!!)

Life gets more serious for Line Larsen, as she juggles her private life, her ever-changing work life and a case investigating her boss’ infidelities for her latest client, and his wife, Heidi Hansen.

Kenneth Hansen, Line’s boss, is disgruntled about her work ethics and reassigns her away from the office, not trusting her motives.

Her crush, Thor, has unofficially moved in with her, bringing more baggage than expected, causing Line to fall hard from cloud nine.


…and then there’s a murder, too close to home, thrown into the mix!

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