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My Words for Living (signed) by Sue McFarlane

My Words for Living (signed) by Sue McFarlane

A signed copy of Sue McFarlane's 'My Words for Living'. 

The idea that we come across very similar events in life, time and time again is not new. One's life-spiral forever grows and extends out into the world and universe.

My Words for Living evolved whilst I contemplated life in 2020, a year of restriction and forfeits but most importantly, for me, personal growth, acceptance and appreciation.

A volume of poetry is like a set of short stories, each a separate entity, a different tale, mood and energy. Like a box of chocolates, you may find one or two are your favourites but I invite you to give them all a try.  Perhaps you could allow My Words for Living into your mind and feel them in your heart.

**Due to GDPR regulations, we are not allowed to share customer information without their permission. By purchasing a signed copy, you are agreeing to the sharing of your information (to the author only)**


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