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Established in 2017, Green Cat Books have published over 100 books, written by new authors, just like you. We can perform all the tasks necessary to produce a beautiful book for you.

100 % de redevances et plans de paiement disponibles

A Young Woman Writing

Copy Editing

This is the first stage in any book production. You don't want a reader to notice mistakes that could have been checked before printing.

We carefully read through the entire manuscript, to ensure that your work has no spelling or grammatical issues. We may also suggest any minor or major changes too, such as structure and inconsistencies.  

£10 per 1,000 words
Reading a Book


If you are confident that your manuscript is ready to format, you can skip the copy editing and just assign us to proofread it. 


Please note that we won't publish a book under our name without fully proofreading the manuscriipt first. If we find that further editing is required, this will be charged extra.

£4 per 1,000 words
Desk Computer Screens

Layout, Typesetting & Formatting

We will resize your manuscript to the size of the interior your specify (many printers have set standard sizes), then ensure that all the fonts, line spacing and paragraph spacing, among others, are spot on! The finished document will be presented as a pdf, ready to be converted into a paperback or eBook; each of which have different formatting requirements. 

We charge £350 if you choose to format a paperback AND eBook at the same time.

£200 per paperback or eBook
Designer On Computer

Book Cover Design

Using your preferred image, we can create the perfect book cover that will entice the ideal reader.

We will add a title, author name and back cover blurb, allowing you to have your input at every step until you are satsfied. We can also look for an image if you are struggling.

We cannot provide original artwork at this time. Any image chosen must be royalty free to use commercially.

Reading Glasses on Book


Once you approve the digital proof copy (this shows how the pages are laid out, and essentially what your finished book will look like), we arrange to send out a paperback proof copy (if you have chosen the paperback route) for you to check through and approve. Once you are completely happy, we issue the book with an ISBN and publish your book. It will be automatically listed on Amazon worldwide, along with creating an author page on this website for you, which you can refer potential readers to.

Interior of Book Store

Extended Distribution

If you are aiming to sell your book on a larger scale, there are a number of digital storefronts that we can distribute to (individual bookshops are usually happy to discuss putting books on shelves with authors), including Waterstones*, Foyles*, independent bookshops*, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, GooglePlay, to name just a few.

Some retailers only list eBooks or paperbacks, and not both.

*Fully illustrated books are only listed here.

Or choose one of our publishing packages...
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Un éditeur incroyable qui fournit un service professionnel et de soutien tout en réalisant quelques rêves en cours de route !

~ Neil Pettifer

Bloc de l'auteur?

Si vous avez du mal à mettre la plume sur papier, ou si vous avez peut-être des problèmes avec la construction de votre travail, l'un de nos coachs en écriture peut être en mesure de vous aider.

NOTE: Your books will not be automatically ordered and placed on shelves in physical locations. You'll need to contact individual bookstores to ask that your book be included in their inventory, at the discretion of store management.


ISBNs are compulsory with all published books.

Sales of books are NOT guaranteed. 

100% royalties definition is that authors will receive all of the profits once print/shipping and distributors commission/transaction fees are deducted (click here for fees

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