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Badger and Butterfly by Kelly The Poet

Badger and Butterfly by Kelly The Poet


Discover the poems that have helped thousands of others through this difficult time.

Find comfort in the words that you see on the pages and hope in the messages that you will read in this book.

Kelly has a way of writing poetry that resonates and helps you feel less alone.

'Life doesn't always get easier. We learn to adapt and cope. The thing that gets us through each day is a little word called hope.'

Badger And Butterfly is a book of poems that will help you feel more positive in your day.

Don't start at the beginning of this book, close your eyes and allow the poems to find you. Kelly wanted to create a book that can be enjoyed by all. She wanted to help you find the light on your darkest days through easy to read, simple poems.

The poems in this book have been shared thousands of times online, spreading the message of kindness and hope. The collection of Badger And Butterfly poems have now been brought together in this beautiful book for you to enjoy and share with others.

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