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Retailer selling fees

Printing, shipping and retailer commissions will be deducted from your final royalties before payment. If the author holds the stock, proof of postage will need to be supplied before royalties are paid.

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Green Cat Books

10% of the RRP plus webhost transaction fees of 2.1% + 20p

We will list your book in all the genre categories that are relevant to your book, along with an author webpage.


60% of RRP

Amazon has the greatest reach of all the retailers. We will automatically list all books that we publish onto Amazon unless the author requests otherwise.

Delivery Van

Waterstones, Foyles, independent book shops

25% of RRP plus shipping

This is a slower method for customer purchases, as all orders go through a third-party, but many customers prefer a brand that they know. Waterstones and Foyles list the books online, but authors can approach branch managers to discuss shelf space.

Etsy and NuMonday

16% of RRP plus transaction fees of 4% + 20p

These are online stores which can be more 'niche'

Gifts Shop
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