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Ellie and the Underworld

Ellie and the Underworld

Embark on an adventure with Ellie and her unusual group of friends in the captivating world of "Ellie and the Underworld."
The tragic death of her mother drives Ellie McKay to seek out an adventure. This quest brings the mysterious Underworld into her front room.
After meeting the enigmatic Octavian, Ellie uncovers a secret world of elemental magic hidden under the old oak tree, where hybrid beings and talking animals exist. Alongside her friends, Dad, and beloved Grandpa Jo, Ellie, who is soon to be sixteen, must develop her power to confront the treacherous Forbidden Underworld.
Ellie and her friends venture through underground passages and confront the dark powers that threaten their lives. They will confront their fears, summon their strengths, forge unbreakable bonds, and discover the depths of their courage.
Will Ellie and her friends overcome the sinister forces that stand in their way, or will they be destroyed by the evil Katia and her band of followers?
Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey where secrets, danger, and redemption await at every turn.

Publish: 1st September 2023

ISBN: 978-1-913794-49-1

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