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Overture and Beginners by Betty Valentine

Overture and Beginners by Betty Valentine

SKU: 978-1-9162766-0-4

My name is James Porter but the world knows me as Allan. I am and always have been happily gay. I have no problem with this whatsoever. If anyone else finds it awkward then that is their problem, not mine! I am a short, tubby little actor who won’t see sixty again. I also happen to be famous. Some years ago I kicked the last younger lover out of my bed. Plenty of them have used my mattress as a springboard to higher things, treading on me in the process. I decided to stop looking for ‘the one’ and to keep my relationships on a more casual basis. Of course when I stopped looking I found him, in a place I had never even considered looking. I almost lost him a couple of times along the way but I got him back again. This is our story.


ISBN: 978-1-9162766-0-4

Pub: Nov 2019

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