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Save OUR Planet

The debate over whether it is more eco-friendly to have a eBook vs a paperback book can get rather complicated. Whichever way is better, we are doing our best to help the environment in our own way.

ecologi wildlife.JPG
ecologi wildlife.JPG


From 30th June 2024, we will be restoring 1m2 of British wildlife, wetlands an wildflowers habitat for every 5 eBooks that we sell via our website.

Plant a Tree

Our latest project is to plant trees, and we are doing this in two ways.

For every book that we sell, we will plant a tree with the help of it's as simple as that! Click the button below, sign up with Ecologi and they will plant five more trees for us, and five for you!!

We have also downloaded the Forest app. Stay focused with us on Forest and turn our focused time into adorable trees! Enter 33GDV67SG to be a part of Forest!

recyclable packaging


ALL of our paper books are shipped out in either recyclable cardboard boxes (sometimes they are reused by us) or compostable, recylcable mailing bags. The bags also help to prevent your books from getting wet!

Number of trees planted since March 2024
100 Trees Planted Gewocha Forest
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