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S L Saunders

Fantasy / YA Fantasy Author

S.L. Saunders grew up in the northwest of England and has been lucky enough to enjoy the rural countryside, which has had a profound influence on her writing. She is passionate about educating others on preserving the beautiful natural aspects of the planet we call home.

The adventures of Ellie and the Underworld have been in the making for the last three decades, originating as a story told to her two children at the time (now three). Previously a teacher in further education, her circumstances now allow her to dedicate more time to her lifelong passion for writing, which began in her early childhood.

Pictures from her youth often depict her surrounded by books and sitting with her typewriter, painting a picture of her true ambition in life. Combined with her love for animals and the environment, it becomes clear how Ellie and the Underworld sprang to life in Sharon's imagination.

Our books are available with many other retailers. Please click the links below for Ellie and the Underworld.


Alexa Young, CA

"Wonderfully whimsical, with a lovely cast of characters which allow you in to the world of Ellie and the Underworld. Can’t wait for book two."
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