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Steve Miller


Steve wrote these poems while travelling a spiritual path that had just opened up to him in 2006. During this period, although working as an electrical engineer he was still going through some soul searching of his own. The poems within this book take into account experiences encountered on the way including love, light, and the universe to reincarnation, spiritual healing but also day to day life stories, but gift wrapped into words of poetry. This is his first book of poetry and his second book was a journal, a diary of sorts, of the actual spiritual experiences he encountered along the way whilst writing this book..
During the following few years of highs and lows in Steve's life, he was able to convert these into the poems within this book, sometimes written on winter walks in a park or sitting by a lake in the summer. His hopes are that whether spiritual or non spiritual, these poems will be able to touch a part of someone's heart or soul that they will instantly connect with and remember with fondness, a person, or an experience that they have encountered in their life's travels.
If you feel you are lacking in confidence or self esteem, if life plans are not going the way you want them too, maybe you feel you require more patience or self control. Maybe, you question the universe or wonder about the afterlife, hopefully within this book there will be guidance to ease your way onto a smoother path of life.
Steve is still an engineer and still works with spiritual energies as he travels through his life path today.


A beautifully written book, that gives humankind hope that we can be so much more, when we allow ourselves to go within and reach up. Excellent read and a must for your bookshelf.
~ Kindle Customer