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Kram Rednip

Short Stories Author

Kram Rednip is a former international management consultant and business writer with dual French/British nationality, who has travelled widely in the course of his professional career. He now lives quietly in France with an independent-minded wife and some cats. His good friend Clovis Buckram (who makes an appearance in the Kram Kollection) says this of him:

“Kram Rednip? Oh, he’s quite a decent sort, really. Can be a bit of a wimp at times. Fancies himself as a bit of an author, with all his scratchings and scribblings. Don’t see him making it onto the Booker Prize shortlist myself, but you never know, I suppose.”

Booker Prize or not, the stories in the Kram Kollection reflect certain aspects of Kram’s international experience, which he humbly presents in the hope they may be of interest to readers.

The Kram Kollection is a collection of short stories ranging from pure fiction to quirky observations on aspects of contemporary life. Written over a long period of time, their purpose is to amuse – while at the same time raising questions about current issues, attitudes and ideas.

Readers of the stories are undertaking a journey that leads them to many different parts of the globe, and in which they will come across a variety of rather odd situations and dysfunctional characters on the way. It takes in places as diverse as Tanzania, Trinidad and Toolallahoosa Tenessee, in all of which (as in several other exotic locations) things tend to go wrong for those concerned with frequently unexpected consequences.

All proceeds from the Kram Kollection go to Zambia Orphans Aid, a small UK-based charity that works with community-based groups in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Zambia, in particular orphans and other vulnerable children.

£200 donated to



Profits go to Zambia

Orphans Aid

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