Steve Barker

Action & Adventure Author

I was born in 1962 in Farnham, Hampshire, in England. Lived in several places before moving to Southampton near the south coast where I lived before I joined the British Army.
I left School in 1979 and within a month joined the Royal Green Jackets in Winchester, after completing training joined 3RGJ in Cambridge. Continued to serve until 1989 in which I saw service in Cyprus on the UN, Germany, Ireland, Falklands, Canada, and of course the UK.
In 2017 after many years of suffering, I was diagnosed with PTSD from three life-threatening events during my service. Part of my recovery at Combat Stress someone suggested I should begin writing.
I had always written short pieces of work which never go past the printer. I have a love of cruising and have completed 28 in total to date. Therefore it was natural to write the first two books on cruising. I have now published two other books called ‘The Lighter Side Of Cruising’ and ‘The Lighter Side of Cruising Part two.’ Both available on Amazon.
Both of these books look at cruising through my eyes, which is not as others see cruising — some times with humous effect. So if you want a funny look at cruising they are for you.
During my last two week stay at Combat Stress in April 2019, I started to write Poetry. Have now published my first ever book on poetry called ‘Poetry from the PTSD Mind,’ which takes you on a journey from the bad times to the good.